About us

We are a team of engineers - experts in the construction, electrical and mechanical fields, experienced in the management of commercial real estate - offices, shopping malls, hotels, as well as critical infrastructure facilities such as data centers, with a special preference for tough cases. Don't hestitate to contact us!

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Inspections and testing

We conduct periodic inspections required by law regulations, including inspections of ventilation, gas and fire installations, electrical measurements, lighting illumination and efficiency of ventilation systems. We conduct energy audits and provide technical consulting and optimization services

Data Center

We are a team of experts with solid experience in comprehensive data center services. We carry out audits, manage the project, take care of operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure, optimize cooling system, take care of low PUE and  perform professional cleaning

Commercial Real Estate

We provide professional services for commercial real estates, including comprehensive facility management and maintenance, budget preparation and supervision, periodic inspections, preventive maintenance, technical consultancy and project management

Facility Management

Professional services for Real Estate

+48 888 988 877

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